Accelerate Your Productivity While Traveling

I love working from hotels. Jenna and I will often times stay an extra day or two just to work from a hotel room.

Below are my list of advantages for being productive while staying at a hotel:

  1. They are usually very quiet
  2. You can request a room away from other people if you need absolute concentration for writing, shooting video, doing podcasts or radio
  3. You have room service!
  4. You have a hard deadline to adhere to such as your checkout time
  5. They usually serve breakfast and coffee
  6. Some of them have a gym, pool and hot tub
  7. You don’t have to clean your sheets and towels! LOL
  8. An endless supply of hot water for long, hot showers
  9. You can jump into an accelerated momentum of extreme action and get a lot done without having to worry about “personal” and “house” responsibilities
  10. You can jump in the deepend of full focused work immersion and get a lot done in 24 hours.

If you have a really important project to work on or need to have an environment to push you into action.

Get a hotel room for two days and see how much you get done. Trust me it works! 


And yes I did bring my desktop AND laptop to the hotel. LOL!

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