Are Snakes On Your Plane?

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The “higher” you get with your consciousness, the clearer it is to see the snakes in your life.

What happens is that when you move into a core, stable state of internal empowerment, the snakes will start to die off as you get higher and higher.

I have experienced this firsthand with my circle of friends and family members.

What is going on?

Energy leeching negative (that which is destructive to life and not supportive of expansion) people, events, places, scenarios, etc. will detach as a consequence of your ascension.

This doesn’t mean you will lose all your friends. This doesn’t mean you will never talk with your sister again. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a relationship with kids.

What this means is that your internal engine is upgraded to handle terrain that others cannot attach to as they previously were able to.

How coaching affects this…

It wasn’t until I started working on myself and offering coaching services for clients that I realized I was experiencing a transition with my friends and family.

When you start to work on your “self” and help other people work on their “selves” what happens is a precessional consequence of energetic movement and intensity.

By that what I mean is that when your engine gets an upgrade through enhancements, a natural result occurs where other things need to be upgraded to withstand the engine performance and intensity (this includes people).

As such, with an upgraded engine the tires need to be upgraded, the core structure of the car, the wheels, and tons of other things.

This is when “others” are let go. They can’t follow you any longer. You have moved to a new paradigm or dimension with an entirely new framework of experience.

Here is the secret to handling the chaos in our modern world…

Gratitude + Compassion + Discernment

Focusing on thyself internally will help show others how they may shift their internal empowerment. The secret is to exhibit the ascension internally and detach from all external consequences (this does not mean to deny it just means to not polarize with the results).

Just keep focusing on going higher and higher and higher internally and your external world and the people in it will shift, detach, transition, etc.

And for a small percentage of people/friends/family members, you will serve as the catalyst for their potential transcendence.

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