Did my sentence interrupt yours?

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We all know that one person (or multiple people) who just don’t listen.

I think it’s a respect thing.

Some people are just too quick to act and don’t wait for others. They just really want to hear themselves.

What is this? What’s up?

This is narcissism in action.

I know many people like this… Well because I use to be that way.

Perhaps I attracted them? Perhaps I invited these people into my circles? Perhaps it’s just an experience and there isn’t any more to it?

Whatever the case we are inevitably going to cross paths (or we are the creator) of such experience.

What to do?

The biggest challenge is when you know someone close to you. Someone who isn’t easily dismissed or walked away from. Like a sibling, child, business partner, or parent.

Hold the internal compassion is the exercise. 

My initial response is sarcasm, thus the attached meme.

But sometimes this has got to be an internal dialogue.

Compassion is the answer with outward behavior.

What does it look like?

Holding thoughts of discernment while staying with internal strength and love for thyself and for others.

It’s hard to do but this is the penecle of living in the world but not of it.

My main man JC is a living example of such.

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