Do the failure twist test

When I was in college (all ten years), I did my best.

And it showed. I got nearly perfect GPAs in all three colleges I attended.

It got me into this mindset called entitlement though. Why?

Because I was taught that I had paid my dues through my hard work in academia.

No mistakes. I didn’t fail. I was perfect. I followed the rules and achieved exemplary status.

The real world doesn’t work that way.

The world out there doesn’t give a fuck about the GPA. The real world is about deploying imperfect action into motion.

As a consequence of this process failure and mistakes are part and parcel to the evolution. 

To be well rounded with both realms is a great way to live though. I leave with this quote from financial guru and author of, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

To be academically successful (no mistakes) you have to do the opposite of financially successful (make many mistakes).

– Robert Kiyosaki

Power and Peace my friends!

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