Do this every morning

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I am a night owl there is no doubt.

My wife is an early riser (often times hours before sunrise).

Therefore, I am now an early riser.

And one thing that helps me kick start my day is…

Making my bed almost immediately after getting out of it.

There are multiple benefits:

  1. The first win of the day
  2. Daily routine and consistency
  3. Ensures I don’t go back to bed
  4. Curbs laziness 
  5. Ensures crisp sheet before going to bed
  6. Keeps my head tidy
  7. Kick starts my day into action

There are probably more I can think of but there ya go.

When I was a bachelor I never made my bed. Now I freaking make my hotel beds. LOL!

Routine. Consistency. Action.

By the way. Another secret for forward momentum in the morning is coffee.

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