How to understand essence vs. perception

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I dropped my wife off at the airport this morning at 5am CST.

And on my drive back to our condo, I was thinking of what to write in my email (this one).

Yesterday, Jenna and I worked for hours in our huge garden getting ready for new vegetables.

And I realized how similar gardening, business, and spirituality are.

Such as the difference between essence and perception.

Essence is at the core; perception is on the outside.

How to tell the difference?

Essence is felt and perception is “perceived” by the mind.

In a really weird way, you can’t perceive the roots of a plant, or the passion in a business, or the infinite Love of divinity within.

They are felt.

Essence is the true underlying nature of things and perception is the visible appearance of such.

It’s about awareness of both and how they are connected.

Have a great week, talk soon!

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