Lazy Man’s Guide to Extreme Productivity

The moment you are 100% without a doubt honest with yourself is when things start to change. The moment you muster up the courage to express your weaknesses to the world is when things are in motion to be changed.

I am a lazy mofo there is no doubt about it. I can get shit done there is no doubt about that either. My path is just different than most peoples. But, honestly I enjoy doing nothing. I enjoy waiting. I enjoy being bored. I enjoy silence. I enjoy not having a schedule, being laid back, working really effectively when I do work. And I do enjoy achieving things (such as success) but in different ways than the norm.

My Top Seven Super Accelerated Productivity CORE Principles

1) Focus on strengths and outsource weaknesses

I am damn good at coming up with creative solutions to ensure my laziness. I am awesome at creating the plan, envisioning the direction, brainstorming the idea, translating the thought into potential. Not so good at implementing. Not so good at putting into action. So, I outsource to eLance, Fiverr, Craigs List, my network of referrals, my colleagues, and my team. My trick to outsourcing is planning well. Being proactive and detailed at the beginning. Sharing my vision. Inspiring and empowering my team to deploy and carry out the mission, which leads to my weakness – putting things into action.

2) Find inspiring audio, positive books, etc.

Sasha is my audio inspiration. I have many authors I follow.

3) Remove negative forces from your life especially people

The most important thing that has helped me along the way, is removing myself from negative people, scenarios, environments, or any source there of. This is inevitable, however. There are negative, energy leeching vampires everywhere. The key is to identify them, employ discernment for who you are and who they are, not attaching to them and their life path, and quickly transcending/moving through them back to your core. This process can take awhile to master, but once you have detoxed and realigned, it becomes easier and easier.

4) Learn to say no, apply boundaries

I am constantly working on this one. My general rule of thumb is, “high hassle low profit = no; low hassle high profit = yes!”

5) Quick intense workouts in the morning

Thanks to T Ferriss 4HB, I intake roughly 30 grams of protein in the morning within one hour of waking. This has single handily contributed to positive effects on my morning productivity and focus.

6) Never forget your priorities!

Work on profit generation activities first thing. These are the most important tasks on the list. The top starred mofos. If I am going to get anything done in the day, it is these guys.

7) Always strive to be happy, enjoy the most out of every second of life.

If this is not happening the majority of my week, I change it!

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