I quit

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The past few days have not been good for me at all. I’ll spare you the drama.

It’s about bouncing back when SH!T hits the fan, right?

So last night I only got a couple hours of sleep because I’ve been resisting my next move…

I’m removing myself from social media in 2017.

I haven’t publicly announced it but I’m 99% sure I’m going to deleted all apps and just keep my accounts on my desktop at my office.

I still use social media paid advertising and need to manage that until I outsource it.

But honestly. I feel relieved. 

There’s a good chance you and I have crossed paths on social media and for that I’m grateful.

But I didn’t reach my projected goals in 2016 not even close.

So, I gotta pull the plug on things taking up my time.

At least I have a kick awesome tribe on my email list though!

Hit reply and let me know how you manage social media. Do you struggle with all the noise? Do you empathize with me?

Talk soon.

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