I’m a fraud…

My wife is out of town so I am super focused on finishing my new book.

And I’ve been waking up a little later than I usually do.

But I still make my bed!

However, I realized I told you I make my bed every morning because it’s the first “win” of the day and it propels my action oriented day.

This is not entirely true.

I make the damn bed because it forces me NOT to get back in it! LOL.

Being self employed and working from home is very difficult. I know, I’ve been doing it since 2004.

But little things that help cross check your potential bad behavior or laziness is the key.

For example I wake up, I make the bed almost immediately before the laziness kicks in, I fix coffee and I take the dog out to watch the sunrise. Photo below…

This is from this morning.

Then, I always work in an area where I can close the door or somehow move into the work zone.

I take regular breaks. I go on walks. I purposefully schedule long meals. And often times I will schedule an hour of none thinking time.

A common myth is when you are involved in 500 projects you are too busy to take time for yourself.

Not true.

If you wanna hike 500 miles, you need a lighter backpack, only the essentials, and you gotta take more breaks to rejuvenate. 

Onward and upward my friends!

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