The Importance of a Mentor

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One of the most important lessons I wish I learned at the beginning of my journey was to find the best mentor possible.

A mentor helps you on the way more than anything else that you can do. Someone who is there for you to bounce things off of; someone who isn’t invested in the muck but who can help guide you out.

Everyone needs a mentor. Everyone needs a confidant feedback outlet.

When you share yourself with a mentor, you get feedback from someone. And hopefully that person is wiser and has already gone through it. Therefore, they can empathize, inspire and help you grow.

This helps you expand especially when you find someone who has your best interest at heart, which should and always be to invoke inspired change and empowerment within you.

To reword this statement is to figure out if you have the right mentor or not. “Are you empowering me through inspiration and invoking expansion in my life?” If such is not the case, find a new mentor.

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