The Importance of Traffic

Without traffic, your website is just an expensive business card. And although it might be flashy and look cool or even have high rankings in Google, if it doesn’t convert, its just wasting money.

To dominate your industry online you gotta have a number of effective ways to get traffic. It’s called the shotgun approach. Be everywhere and be there all the time. Be consistent with your presentation and over deliver value.

You can pay search players such as Google to get traffic but that can cost money so you gotta ensure you have an effective ROI.

Crafting the technical presentation of your website is the essence of “SEO.” The main secret to success online is not the technical presentation of your business card, it’s the value you bring to your costumers. SEO helps communicate your value and connect you with the prospects and leads you need in order to become successful (I.E. give value).

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