My super simple wealth blueprint

I’m almost to my mid thirties and I have figured something out that can change your life.

This applies to financial abundance, emotional and mental prosperity, and expanding consciousness in humanity.

The Blueprint is Simple

Create more value than you consume…

This does not mean consume less. It means create more than you consume.

When you wrap your mind around this and apply it to your life, you will see that it has drasticly positive results in all areas.

This is how “profit” in business is produced.

This is how the spiritually creative innovators live a long life of consistent abundance.

This is how the successful create more freedom, opportunities, solutions, and experiences.

This is how you live a life fulfilled while contributing to the greater good of humanity.

The real question comes down to choice. 

Are you choosing to do something about it?

Do you have a plan for contribution? For solutions? For creating value in this world? Or are you just consuming, consuming, and consuming without producing anything?

Now might be the time to shift…