Life Notes and Realignment

The following is a note I wrote myself in 2012. These types of notes are exactly what DearEgghead is all about! A place where I have captured my turning points; a place where I have identified my failures and journaled my experiences while scraping the bottom of the barrel. A place that has logged my change. To inspire and empower those who are walking in similar paths.

I’m tired of this self-employed “servicing” ratrace. It’s more like I’ve been chasing my own damn tail the past ten years and haven’t been racing anyone but myself into the ground. I am going to start working ON businesses, building businesses that will operate with financial success, minimal stress, and tons of enjoyable experiences!

I’m sooo tired! I’m tired of reaching the same damn conclusion every few years that where I WANT to be and where I am ACTUALLY going are two different paths and they are just getting farther and farther away from each other. It’s time for The Andy to change.

It’s time for the following to be put into ACTION:

  • Focus on, listen to, and cocreate the “Compass Path”
  • Relinquish the strong attachment to scheduling, time, dates, deadlines, societal influences
  • Invest energy into profitable assets, businesses, people and experiences
  • Work ON businesses and never become the slave AGAIN!
  • Travel the world and feel comfortable spontaneously having fun, playing, and experiencing
  • Create a strong foundation for Jenna and me to start a family so one of these days I can be a stay-at-home dad
  • Eat more sushi

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