Love and Events

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Humans view love as an emotion
– Love is not an emotion
– Love is the source phenomenon that allows emotions to exist but it not related to the end manifested “result” of experiencing the emotion of the what humans call Love
– Love has not control, it has no desire, it is not passion, love is not dependent on outcomes
– Self Love is not a narcissistic, self-glorification status of worth (that is sourced from Mind); loving thyself is an alignment of acceptance and recognition of Who and What the incarnation IS
Romance, dramatic, sentiment is not Love.
There are no victims in Love or conditions. True Absolute “Love” is unconditional it is infinite and ever present. Love is not found or source in the Mind. Love is an everywhereness phenomenon for it is the Source of the All That Is in our Universe. It allows matter to exist. It gives rise to consciousness/awareness. It is substratum to it All.
To align your present existence with unconditional Love is to move into a space of being infinite. It is moving into a space of wholeness and Allness.
The closest view of this is the love of a Mother. The mother loves the beingness in her children despite the actions or paths or decisions the child makes during its journey of experience. This embodiment of unconditional Love does not initially exist for the desires of a thing, for the characteristics of its attachment. It just merely is.
On Events
– Objective encapsulated energies arenas of intensity
– Already exist independently of our subjective paths
– Are attracted and become visible to the Mind/awareness window
– Have no value or innate meaning
– Serve as the catalyst for the Mind to see itself
– Serve as road signs of intense expression for the Mind to course correct
– It is all about the relationship to the event, who the Mind, Body, and Soul choose to be in relation to the energy
– Serves as the purpose of underlying symbolism that we are all one; that the energy in the event is Sourced from the same energy as the Mind, Body, Soul
– Events are objective phenomena in our universe, human consciousness incarnation is an event
– Events allow the Mind to create the position in relation to the events, how we apply the meaning, what is the meaning, catalyst for context and experiential expression
– To transcend negative events is to accept the mirror process. Moving into a state of inner happiness.

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