The Master Carrot Dangler

There is a part of us that coordinates and knows and organizes our experience.

It is one step ahead of the perceiving mind. It is the source and creator of our reality that we see, feel, and experience with our mind.

It is the potential becoming the actual. It is the mirror canvas through which our eyes see the world, our mind thinks, and our brain senses.

It knows all. It knows our next step. It provides our next step. It is our next step.

When the mind becomes aware of this phenomenon, a unification of alignment can begin by recontextualizing our view of ourself, our reality, the external world and life itself.

When this alignment comes into full awareness, miracles are then able to occur, because intention and experience become one.

The receiver and the giver become one.

The thing and the that become one.

The you and the I become one.

The me morphs into an ubiquitous “us.”

The us that was once the I, is now realized as, “The All.”

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