Meditation is not found in thought…

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Everyone can achieve a state of meditation at any age, in any culture, with any scenario/circumstance in life.

But very few know exactly what it is.

First, let’s cover what the world thinks it is and then let’s wrap up with what it really is and how to experience it with utmost clarity.

Meditation is not sitting in a goofy pose with your legs crossed and open palms. It is not closing your eyes or chanting a mantra.

Meditation is not found in the physical or even in thought. And very very few have moved into the true essence of its core nature.

I will be straight with you but it might be difficult to wrap your mind around it.

So what is it? What is meditation?

Meditation is a state of being in a human body with human characteristics but not of them.

In other words, being in meditation is to be in, “non-egoic-attachment-amnesia-mind.” Meaning…

The ego is not the primary driving source of the human vehicle. As a result, truth of what you are not just who you are but what, is miraculously revealed.

Meditation is a calm state where intuition and mind meet and consciously exist harmoniously.

We all reach this state all the time for example just before falling asleep, during an orgasm, or feeling a deep deep experience of love.

Meditation is an awareness of the expression and connection of all.

And you can achieve this state as an ongoing way of living and being in a human body doing human stuff.

All it takes is a willingness to do it. To undo the strong attachments we have to that which is blocking visibility, such as fear, guilt, shame, negativity, and etc.

I have many videos and articles about this. And in fact it’s going into my next book.

Stay tuned and keep on meditating LOL! Whatever that means to you.

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