My 30min Chat with a 17year old

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Today is Monday and the kindle version of my book comes out this Sunday April 2nd.

And this past Saturday my wife Jenna and I decided to visit our condo pool for the first time.

It was 88° here in South Texas, LOL! We needed to work on our tan.

So we met a neighbor who invited us over to their place.

I somehow ended up talking with their 17 year old daughter for 30 mins or so just us.

It was really informative!

She is the top of her class, multiple trophies for dance and cheerleading and awards, etc. etc.

So I naturally just asked my deep level stuff like what she wants to do, what are her passions, what’s the future like for her…

She had so much confidence! She was so straight and narrow (in a good way) focused. It was unbelievable. 

I didn’t give her any advice. I didn’t question her beliefs. I didn’t even tell her about my personal experiences.

I literally asked her questions and listened.

I tell you this because I really feel like the younger generations (and everyone really) have so much potential.

But who is really listening? I mean honestly?

Are we really listening to other people? Or are we just waiting till they are done talking so we may respond?

I dare you to engage with someone else and just listen 100%. Especially a stranger.

You will learn more about yourself than just expressing and debating your position on things.

Tata for now!

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