My two girls have sand everywhere

I live in South Texas and when I mean south, I mean south baby!

The border of Mexico is within 10 miles of us.

It’s safe, it’s chill and the border is not a problem at all despite what you hear on the news.

A huge advantage of living here is the consistent warm weather. There is a large retiree population and traveling “Winter Texans/Snow Birds” that come from up north for the winter.

In fact, one of our neighbors is from Wisconsin and goes fishing regularly and gives us his fresh caught fish!

So the other day we decide to go to the beach and explore the northern part of the island.

No cell phones, no internet, no Facebook, and no one in sight.

Just me and my girls and sand.

LOL! Look how big Bella is compared to my Jenna.

Anyways there was sand everywhere but who cares I have wonderful memories, a new email to share and a secret spot to bury my treasure!

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