Overcoming Addiction

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Addiction, from my experience, has been the result of childhood engrained patterns on how we interact with the world usually perpetuated by repressing fear.

The experience of getting temporary pleasure and temporary fulfillment leaves more damage than relief. 

Happiness is long term, pleasure is short term. True happiness is associated with perspectives of ongoing states, not gratifying gains.

As in money. One hundred million will not bring more happiness than 50 million, in my opinion.

If you aren’t happy at 20 million, then 30 million isn’t going to change much of that state.
Addiction is essentially a process of consciousness entrapment – a vicious cycle of self destruction.

Recovery depends on the willingness to immediately eliminate all attractive images, thoughts, and urges, emerging from the mind and related to the addiction.

If this abstaining strategy is delayed, even for a second, the attractive energy of the addictive experience becomes too strong to obliterate within behavior, from my experience of course.

Turning anger and pride into the energy of courage is the key. Deflating the ego’s sense of pride is essential.

By depolarizing the strong attachment of pride, there is a consequence that is phenomenal – the potential to move into courage.

The focus becomes clear. The aim has been sharpened.

Courage instills the level of neutrality, honesty and acceptedness which are far more productive than the ego’s aggressive, prideful position of, “me vs. you” or “us against them.”

The willingness to choose courage over fear is the prerequisite and not an easy task, I know from experience oh too well!

The good news is once courage is 100% chosen without doubt, there is a miracle of attraction that is similar to gravity and extremely powerful and makes the days easier and easier.

This is a powerful and pivotal transition. Greatness has proven itself in historical pursuits with courage.

Courage empowers and marks a transition in experiencing the characteristics of confronting, moving through, synthesizing, curating and processing experience not fighting against it.

Courage integrates integrity of truth from the internal to outward manifestations of action and behavior.

Courage facilitates an approach to opportunity. Challenges identified and met. A growth experience with milestones of progress. Things aren’t so black and white.

The will to be courageous encourages strength. To accept and be honest. To let go of resistance. To receive and be responsible. To own the power of choice. To transcend being the victim of the illusory external source of “getting” or “deserving.” It is to transcend weakness.

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