Relativity and Absoluteness of Mind

The more grounded the relative mind is, the stronger and more intense the absolute comes in.

By living as a human and contextualizing your reality with human thoughts, experiences, descriptions, etc. that means the more of the absolute core supreme truth can come in.

The mind is a muscle. It appears that by experiencing more and more you innately bring in more and more underlying symbolism of the those experiences. In other words, the more you experience, the more awareness and truth to those experiences becomes known. Kind of like the more you exercise your muscles the stronger and more defined they get.

The mind is just a spiritual muscle flexing at times. So, for whatever reason, by scrapping the bottom of the barrel or hitting rock bottom, that is just a stepping stone to bring in the highest of the high.

I have hit rock bottom many times where suicide was a pretty attractive option.

The mind is not in the brain, the mind is located in every energetic aspect of yourself and the brain is just tissue translating the experience bringing it into the body of form.

The brain is translating the mind’s expression.

The mind has a state of awareness.

That state is reflected in our view of our own Mind.

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