Shifting Your Mindset

When you change your mindset you change your experience of the world. Everything shifts from this turning point. It is perception of everything. This is the realm of subjective experience. Changing mindset relative to yourself through yourself simultaneously changing what you are radiating externally is crucial to conscious, awareness.

You can shift your mind instantly. This is the truth. Your world can instantly transform in this very moment at this time. The challenge is that it takes courage and the will to want to shift inside, first. As a consequence of the internal shift, the external view of the world simultaneously shifts as well. These are connected and are essentially one. The demarcation between the internal world and the external world is held by a vail of illusion called mind.

When you shift your mind then the landscape of contextualization changes. In other words your mind “set” changes as in the set of a play or theatrical production.

Successful entrepreneurs have breakthroughs when their belief systems shift. The biggest turning point most entrepreneurs make is in a mindset shift that is not constrained. A mindset that is empowered to express its passion at the core is a miracle. This is the path of the spiritual entrepreneur.

As a consequence of this mind shift, a new alignment occurs. That of precessional leadership. When one moves into a heightened state of peak performance exhibition, one begins to naturally and effortlessly guide and teach others through example.

This is powerful stuff because it affects the collective. So when one “works” on shifting their mind to different levels of acceptance and embracing radical empowerment, it simultaneously affects everyone else.

The Internet is a wonderful metaphor to explain this phenomenon.

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