Essence and Nature of Source and Mind

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The vanity of the ego is endless and vainglorious in its grandiose delusion that it can disprove the existence of God. Cognition is only linguistic supposition confined to linear symbols, the limited content of mentation. That it has any actual objective reality at all is a purely subjective presumption. – David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Let me translate this piece for absolute clarity:

  1. The Mind has a strong attachment to identity. This is a wonderful, yet limiting, modular component to human experience
  2. Although temporary, the attachment of Mind is blindly strong and naive in it’s pursuit to understand source
  3. Source exists within the All, which simultaneously includes the perception of the illusion of non-source
  4. The existence of the All (Source) is not dependent nor affected by the never-ending, resilient pursuit of the Mind’s need to authenticate/validate it’s understandings and perceptions of Source
  5. Mental phenomena unfolds in a sequential progression for the purpose of expressing illusory form
  6. Thinking competency manifests it’s expressions through form in a perceivable way for the purpose of identification, recognition, then appreciation (not supplication!)
  7. Source rooted, symbolic representations are consequences of this expression, but they are temporary and fleeting and ever-changing/evolving
  8. Awareness of form and associations between and within are limited to the encapsulated essence of form itself meaning the symbols of expression are limited to and by the subjective, perceiving mind
  9. Which still includes the All just in a temporary “experience managed” way; a spotlight of focus
  10. The Mind’s journey to understand itself is paved with paradoxes, dichotomies and an infinite amount of simultaneous truths
  11. The Mind is the tool to express, observe, receive and progress expression of Source
  12. Positionalities set forth by the Mind are temporary and only serving as analogies for understanding who and what we are, Source incarnate
  13. The Mind is an evolving energetic, temporary phenomena for the purpose of expressing itself (Source) in new and all ways.

Love the Mind. It is the most beautiful thing known to human existence.

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