The Essence of Reality and Purpose of Fear

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The ultimate reality is allness not nothingness. The void is the stage just beyond the mind. Void is “no mind level.” Void is an infinite space of nothingness beyond identification beyond Mind. To move through this void is to surrender the fear of God beyond Mind.
Fear is a statement of energy that says, “you know little of truth but you are on your way and here is the proof [the fear] so now you have the opportunity to change and course correct, but first you gotta recognize this milestone as a pivotal point of changing focus and movement. Accept the fear as an identifying phenomenon reflection of your relationship to yourself for the purpose of remembering that which you already know. The miracle of fear perception of a thing is showing you the temporary external experiential experience potential position of the formless internal conceptual infinite essence.” What the fuck? That was a mouthful of gold fish crackers and cinnamon.
Lets break the last sentence down:
  • miracle of fear perception: fear is a phenomenon; it is affected by the Mind phenomenon
  • showing you: fear is not bad it is only strong energy for the purpose of getting the Mind’s attention and focus to say hey listen up, here is this thing you should pay attention to (or not but it won’t go away so make a damn choice); it allows for the mind to move, it facilitates Mind movement experience
  • temporary external experience: fear might be a formless energy but the reaction and relationship the Mind has with it becomes manifested into the external world of physicality for the purpose of expressing oneself so the phenomenon of experience can be experienced
  • potential positionality: fear is much like a strong road sign saying hey you can go this route or this one or even this one or wherever, all are positions from the viewable car of the mind to the viewable signs of direction (opportunity)
  • formless internal: fear arrises from the internal to allow the Mind to make choice driven changes which are then unfolded and experienced in the external
  • conceptual infinite essence: shit I gotta work on this I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the conceptual differences between the experiential just yet
The truth of fear is it is an illusion created by the contextual Mind for the experiential Mind to self perpetuate itself through itself from itself by itself. This is a process of experience. Fear is a stepping stone helping you along the way.
How to transverse constant fear? Acceptance and surrendering. Moving through and knowing it is just a stepping stone.

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