The Game of Mind

Take action while in relative Mind. Think about and aim while out of Mind and centered with intuition.

Mind is substratum to the body while Soul is absolute and substratum to Mind. The body is an expression of Mind.

Mind is a conscious workbench of focused awareness. Body is an expression of Mind.

Mind is an expression of Soul. Soul is absolute. Soul is infinite, Mind is temporary.

The game of Mind is success. To master the realm of the relative is to play. Courage, action, expression are principles created by Mind. The male confident realm of choice clarity.

When the Mind focuses and executes it is a very powerful tool. Thinking is just an ongoing process of identifying the immediate relative world. Ego is the story of Mind based on opinions, belief structures and self reflected inferences about the relative world. These are subjective and do not hold any validity in the external ultimate reality.

Mind creates Ego story through consciousness evolution. Ego is a product/consequence of Mind survival awareness in the temporary realm of subjectivity.

The relative, subjective perception of expression is the purpose of Mind. Through the Ego, Mind is able to express and perceive it’s choice driven manifestations for the purpose of experience.

To go from temporary, illusory blindness into awakened state of wholeness is the process. To balance Mind with intuition is to be awakened and Enlightened. Balancing the Mind with Ego/self, balancing the body with the Mind, balancing Mind with Soul/Spirit/Self is to Enlightened.

While Mind is in focus, temporary amnesia of the absolute awareness occurs. When spirit has illuminated the path for the Mind to experience/manifest, the Mind becomes the main stage of expression and is very useful/effective.

Mind is cunning, clever, keen, sly, narcissistic, powerful, beautiful, miraculous.

To lose one’s Mind means to detach it’s strong illusory hold on the error of truth about Source creation. Mind did not create itself or the world/universe of Life. Mind/self is a consequence of the all that is expressing itself in temporary, individualized form, which is illusory to the absolute Allness realm of truth.

To reintegrate the conscious energy through Mind with spirit/Self is to live in the world awakened and fully, this would be a desirable intention because balance becomes the goal. Integration becomes the landscape of experience. Wholeness becomes realized.

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