The secret to focus and growth

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Jenna and I are excited about our new garden.

I will keep you posted with our progress.

With that being said, I have this to say…

What you focus on, grows.

This is a universal truth extending to all aspects of life.

Let’s replace growth with expansion or evolution or experience or movement.

When you focus on fear, negativity or that which is not serving you, it grows.

This doesn’t mean deny, repress or suppress what you don’t want to grow.

The secret is to focus on things you want to expand (abundance, love, health, joy, fun) and accept, process, relate to, that which you do not want.

In other words, fear and negativity are stepping stones to grow. 

Do not deny them – process them. Then relate to them. Then move focus through them into that which you want continuous expansion.

If you constantly focus on denying and repressing fear you are growing it.

For me, I use to always focus on what I wanted. Not on what I was creating but literally on what I “wanted.”

So I grew my thoughts and expanded my energy on never having something only on wanting it.

The shift for me was when I realized I was creating the experience of wanting and not having.

So, I just simply let go of focusing on wanting and started focusing on creating (and paradoxically the result of the creation was what I wanted).

The secret again is to focus intensely on what you choose to experience.

And you are doing this consciously and subconsciously (out of awareness) all the time.

Power and peace ya’ll!

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