This one thing ends struggle

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I can’t speak for everyone, but I know myself pretty well.

And every time I struggle with my pursuits to become more, to expand, to achieve higher states of experience…

I know the struggle is found inbetween my “real” self and my “ideal” self.

Usually when there is a huge gap between these two is where there is a lot of struggle.

Therefore, I can conclude… My struggle, and possibly your’s or other people’s, is dependent on the amount of discontinuity between who we really are today and who we want to be not today.

But, this is all awareness stuff. Think about what I said in the previous paragraph.

Perhaps the struggle isn’t real. It is just the result of hypothetical projection? Perhaps who we choose to be in this moment can in fact be the ideal self, which ends the struggle.

Or perhaps we let go of the attachments of the part of us that isn’t serving us?

By letting go, maybe we can clearly see the ideal self is our real self we just couldn’t see ourselves clearly?

Tying back to the subject. The answer is awareness.

The more aware you can become and open into and expand through and advance to, the more lifted your view of life becomes.

The struggle is real or it’s not real as long as you say it is which is predicated by your beliefs of it.

It’s all subjective and it’s as simple as stating, “I choose to make this fun and easy.”

I explore this topic in depth among others in my coffee video series found here, check it out!

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