…and then God spoke to me

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Listen here is the truth.

God is a word that humans created. But the essence of God was not created by man.

It was created by creation itself – outside of ego and mind. Before the evolution of consciousness made its way into human form.

I was on my morning meditation walk and God spoke to me on this beautiful day…

And what God said was that there is an ongoing continuous stream of communication from source always and in all ways.

The real question is…

Are you listening?

And if the answer is no, then that means the ego is in the way.

You can cross check this driver of your car by being honest, loving, truthful, humble, accepting, courageous, peaceful, joyous, empowering, helpful, inspiring, and calming.

The real question is…

Are you willing?

And if the answer is no, then ask the higher source to give you a sign that you cannot deny.

And then go in Love,