True story. 6k for 600k?

As you know Jenna and I just bought our first home together – a lovely condo in the bay with a great view.

But, our realtor, who represented us, was terrible and costed us at least 6k.

The man is over extended, has very little integrity and burned out.

I know the feeling oh too well.

But, we are grateful he didn’t screw up the deal and we were able to close and secure the property.

So how is that potentially making me 600k? Well I’m glad you asked!

His lack of communication, lack of knowledge in the real estate industry, and inability to communicate with us, helped me create a potential solution/business service for realtors.

I am turning my SaaS backend software platform into a solution for realtors and other service providers. And I’m projecting 600k in revenue the first year.

Ha! Never curse the darkness. The universe has mysterious ways of bringing opportunities to you.

In light and love my friends. Keep your eyes open for that next opportunity!

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