Working from home nightmare…

From ’00 to ’04 I worked at a corporate advertising agency at a cubicle type desk job.

But from ’02 to ’04 I tried my hardest to work from home.

It was a new trend with computer type careers. And it required a lot of trust.

Then in 2004 I left that gig and started working 100% entirely for myself.

I worked out of my home office, on the road while traveling, and I occasionally would rent an office in a cool environment.

And you know what?

The worst part about having a home office and being self-employed is when you are asked…

“My flight comes in at 12:45, you work from home, can you pick me up?”

I got this all the time from family and friends.

All. The. Time.

Most of the time I would openly accept their request.

Bad choice.

This gave away my time. It ruined my focus. It interrupted my energy.

For some strange reason people who work a regular 9 to 5 gig think that if you are self employed you just have all this available time.

This is when the power of saying no comes in.

It’s a difficult thing to say to close family members and friends.

But trust me. It’s not about them, it’s not about your relationship, or your “availability.”

It’s about your integrity and your focus.

Often times in life and in your biz you gotta learn to say no to most things and yes to the right things.

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