Working Hard vs Working Smart

Some people work hard and some people work smart. In my experience and from what I have observed, people who are successful have integrated working hard and working smart efficiently.

People who work really hard often times need to learn how to work smarter.

People who work smart often times need to have proper motivation, accountability, and influence to work harder.

This is natural and totally acceptable and is extremely common. However, to ascend to levels of mastery you must use the principle of humility and observation without judgement.

The path to achieving your desired goals and intentions is slightly different based on your core areas of strength.

If you are really good at working hard, you need to have guidance and enhancements in working smarter. It is not that working smarter is a weakness, it is just not a core strength priority and needs support, mentorship, guidance, assistance.

The same goes for people who work smart naturally but need to work harder.

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