You are sooo funny…

Yesterday I wrote to you about making your bed.

And I asked what time you usually get up.

I got tons of replies!

I make videos all the time, put forth incredible effort to talk about the ego, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, productivity etc. etc. etc.

And I rarely get responses.

But low and behold I post about making my bed and ask you what time you wake up and bam!

I get 5 million responses.

You so funny!

So for now on I’m just gonna transition this email list to bed making and morning routines (kidding only kidding).

Here’s a snap of my bed this morning.

Super candid. No filter. 100% authentic.

And very beachy huh?

Oh wait.

What have I done?

Now I’m gonna get a bazzilon photos of everyone’s bed made up or not made up.

Dear lord.

Okay back to work y’all!

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