Your business NEEDS ego…

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One of my business mentors has an exceptional training about internet marketing and business.

In that course he talks about the needs of your self and the needs of your business.

In other words he is symbolically referencing the deep needs of the ego…

In business you have three categories of needs:

  1. Your market’s needs (customers)
  2. The biz needs (system and structure requirements)
  3. The owner(s) needs (the ego)

How to balance all of this?

First, use nonpolarizing discernment for each need, then fullfill them. It’s about nonjudgmental awareness.

Second, use gratitude to stay in lasting appreciation of your life and involvement in such a rare experience.

Most of the world does not have the capability to understand, value, create, or experience the awareness of needs and their fulfillment.

Go in love my friends,

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